Our Wedding Missalette – Checked!

60 days to go before the big day! Woot Woot!

Finally, yesterday, h2b and I were able to “reproduce” our wedding missalette! We were both happy with the outcome and super contented with its simplicity. As opposed with my previous post, we weren’t able to follow the cover we were supposed to use in our wedding missalette, after all, most of the guests wouldn’t keep a copy anyway. We didn’t want to spend more just to print the cover page with designs and colors. 

I consider this as one of the most challenging layout I have ever done! The back to back booklet was not an easy task, but every time I look at our missalette, I can’t help but smile that we were able to accomplish and do a DIY back to back missalette. Hehehe. 

Good thing, the attendant in the photocopy center was kind enough to lent us their long stapler. So stapling our missalettes was really effortless!  Sorry for the blurry pictures. ♥ 

If you want to get a soft copy of missalette, just send me an e-mail: bloggingb2b@e-mail.ph


DIY: Wedding Missalette Cover

And since our misalette is already ready for mass production, I finally decided to make a cover page, instead of my original plan. Part of the plan is to print 1 copy of the misalette in black and white then have it photocopied from CopyTrade. But since I was able to find a local computer shop that really offers affordable printing services, I finally decided to make our own design for the cover page.   

Hotel Room for Wedding Preparations at Berjaya Manila Hotel – Checked!

Last Saturday, after work hours, H2b and I got the chance to do an ocular visit to the rooms we have booked for our wedding preps.
 I booked this hotel way back the last quarter of 2011 but only got the chance to visit their show room last weekend. Honestly, I only based my judgment by looking at the pictures posted on their website, and I must say the pictures on their page were really promising. We all know that some pictures look more beautiful as compared to ‘real’ life; but that never stopped me from booking the hotel since I was able to get a huge discount by booking the rooms online.
When the attendant showed us the rooms last Saturday, h2b and I were very glad that we had the chance to avail this promo discount. The rooms were beautiful and clean, and the place really looks cozy.

We booked 2 deluxe room for wedding preparations, and 1 suite room for the night after the wedding. 😉
Sharing some pictures! 🙂 
Hotel restaurant
Deluxe Premiere

My camera shy husband to be and I.
After checking the rooms, we went straight ahead to St. John Bosco to submit our missalette. Unfortunately, Ms. Ging, the super kind lady who’s assigned to wedding inquiries wasn’t there, so we had to leave the copy to someone else. I am still keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that the missalette gets approved right away, so we can go ahead and make copies already.
I just can’t stop taking pictures of SJB’s lovely altar! 😀

Parking 😉 
Afterwards, we went to SM Sucat to request copies of Cenomar. Fortunately, there was a season sale in SM, so we were able to buy cocktail dresses for our Secondary Sponsors! I’ll share the pictures once uploaded. 😀 

DIY: Our wedding missalette

Yesterday, I started doing the layout for our missalette since h2b and I are going to Don Bosco tomorrow morning to check if the revised wordings would be approved. Doing the layout is not an easy task and it surely needs a lot of patience. I didn’t know that printing papers back to back can be very tricky, most especially that you need to figure out which page comes first. You’re lucky if you have a supplier who’s going to do the layout for you, but at times like this (now that we’re crunching our budget for the wedding. hehe) I’d rather spend hours bugging myself than to pay 70.00 per set of missalette. Knowing that after the ceremony, guests wouldn’t even keep this “script” after the wedding. Little did I know that doing the layout shouldn’t be arranged in order, but rather, how the pages would turn out once you open and flip every pages of the missalette. 
So, after this super dreary task, I am happy and satisfied with the results! Once our church approves our missalette (readings, sayings and the like), I’d immediately reproduce these copies inexpensively. Once approved, all I have to do is to instruct the Xerox Company to photocopy the respective pages back to back and provide them the ordering of the pages. We are only going to spend 15 pesos per set of missalette and that’s a great way to save on our printing costs. I can even produce many missalettes or even provide 1 copy per guests if I want to. hehe (which I wouldn’t do anyway since I am only planning to print 30 of these)

 One of my wedding coordinators told me that I can just provide her the materials and she’d print these for free; but I am quite shy to do this, since printing this for free would mean restrictions. I couldn’t demand the missalette to be printed at an earlier time; most especially that she’s doing this for me as a favor. I wanted to finish things way ahead of time, and I don’t want to pressure her just because of this missalette. Besides, she has done a lot of things and favors for Mark and I already. =) I just couldn’t thank her enough for being so nice and being so considerate every time I ask her numerous questions about some of our wedding suppliers.  

For those who are still not aware what missalette is, this is the wedding program or rather what I consider the script that the priest, couple, commentator and the guests would read during the wedding ceremony. This may be arranged as a booklet or can even be produced as a leaflet. =) So if you’re still clueless if this is a must for a wedding ceremony, the answer would be a BIG YES! Without this, the readers, couple, guests, and even the priest wouldn’t know when it’s their turn to speak already. (Unless they really do pay attention the entire wedding ceremony) So as early as now, it’s much better to prepare and do the lay out way ahead of time. Doing this task is way too tiresome.  (Take it from a bride to be DIY princess wanna-be) ☻

Here are some sample pictures I’ve grabbed online. Credits also posted below. ♥ I’ll share ours once our church approves it ♥