My Wedding Gown – checked! ♥

It has been a very busy week for h2b and I. We were able to complete a lot of things and even if there were some glitches, everything went pretty well!

Our first stop last Tuesday:
We went to Rosy’s Bridal shop to claim my most- awaited wedding dress. I was really surprised with all the freebies they gave me; and even if I have read negative reviews about them in the past, as early as now, I’d like to give them 5 stars! They were able to meet the time frame I gave them, and overall, I love the way how they took care of everything! Plus, they gave h2b and I a lot of favors! 😀 I just couldn’t thank them enough for giving us a superb service, even if we had to haggle them a couple of times. They even gave us a very low price for our dad’s barong. Tee Hee! As over-rated as it may seem, I consider them as one of our best Major supplier!

Here are the “freebies” that came along with the wedding gown we have bought from them. 

*Wedding Cord
*Secondary Veil
*Wedding Veil plus tiara
*2 Pillows
*Throw Bouquet – made of ribbons only
*Wedding Cord
*and last but not the least, MY WEDDING GOWN!!! 

We won’t be able to use the accessories they gave us, because we had some of our wedding accessories, customized. 

We really got a good deal with them, and up to now, I cannot thank them enough for wiping away the doubts I had about them. ♥ So if you have read some not so good reviews about them, it could be an isolated case only. Just a piece of advice when you book them, talk and negotiate with them 4-5 months before the big day, so they get to have ample time making your wedding attire ☻

Wedding gown = checked! ♥

Last Sunday, h2b and I went to Rosy’s bridal shop to have our first fitting. It was such a fun experience since I got to try some wedding gowns available on their racks. Much to my surprise, almost all of the wedding gowns that are for rent fits my size, except the serpentine cut. 😀 I can truly tell that a girl’s aura really changes if she’s already wearing a wedding gown. To maintain the element of surprise, I will not post pictures of my wedding gown. But let me share the pictures that h2b took during our visit at RBC. 
I am also thankful that h2b already agreed to wear a suit instead of barong. ♥ 
Disclaimer: Pictures below are not the actual wedding gown pictures

For those who are curious about the prices of wedding gowns in Rosy’s bridal shop,their starting rates would be 1,295 and the most expensive gown they have is 30,000 (yes, you read that right, 1,295) The sad part here is that, I can no longer have the dream wedding gown design I have been raving for quite some time, since the design that I showed them costs 18,000. So say good bye to ruffles, but hello to laces and rosettes. 😉 
By the way, since Rosy’s bridal shop is on sale right now, and was kind enough to give me huge discount on my wedding gown, we were able to get a 3k plus discount! ♥

Suppliers Check list

Time flies so fast and up to this moment, I still can’t believe that I am already going to marry the ‘man of my dreams’ (naks – cheesy!) Up until now, I still feel that I am mommy and daddy’s girl, and cant’ do something on my own. As if I am trapped with the memoirs of my childhood days.  (Emote much) ♥
 Looking at the countdown timer I have on my blog, I can feel that it’s getting nearer and nearer. I can still recall, the time I started this blog, the timer was more than a year, so I am still undecided to generate a timer on my blog. But here it is: Mark and I are getting married in 9 months and 28 days. Woot woot! Ohhh, we just can’t wait! 

Wedding countdown as of July 29 2011 ♥
We’re actually complete with the suppliers we need to book, and we’re pretty glad that Mark and I were able to do such things even without hiring a professional wedding planner! All we need to do right now is to take our time, and cherish the moments we have as a BF-GF couple. Because come the wedding day, our lives would totally be different. 😉 Our next major step, which is on September, is to take care of the documents needed by the church. (Baptismal & Confirmation Certificates). – okay, this is really getting so exciting. I can feel that we’re already getting there!
So here are the rundowns of the suppliers we were able to book. =) 

Church: St. John Bosco Parish Church, Makati City
Reception: Great Eastern Hotel, Empress Ballroom, Makati Avenue
Photographer/Video: Kikongmanlalarawan
Wines: Rachebeli
Wedding Bouquet: Ysabela Florist
Reception Stylist: Ysabela Florist
Photobooth: Picture Capture
Strings: Velvet Musicale
Bridal Car: Will You Mini Me
Emcee: Norly B. Dizon
Invites: Written in Ink
Gowns: Rosy’s Bridal Shop/Occasions
Wedding Favors: Mazey’s/ Papemelroti
Hair and Make Up: MV Dela Cruz – Balo

1950’s Entourage Dress

Looking for entourage dresses is somehow trouble-free, since there are really lots of websites that B2B can check online. The only problem with these sites, are most of their designs are almost the same. Just like in my case, I actually had a hard time looking for possible designs for my ‘girls’ since the idea of the gowns I am eyeing is more on the 50’s time or vintage. When I think of the ‘vintage style; I actually picture out gowns worn by queens and princesses, more of a Victorian Era. – which is way too different from the vintage theme I want to have. Good thing, I remembered the dress worn by Katy Perry on her MTV – thinking of you. That’s the kind of dress that I want my girls to wear on my wedding day (except that the color is not black!). Her hairstyle, make up, the bird cage veil, that’s the look I want my girls to achieve on my big day! 
Here are the sample 1950’s bridesmaids gown, that I want my girls to wear ♥ Of course, the color would be: Pink and Brown 😉

Way beyond the actual wedding timeline ♥

With a “not so short span of time”, Mark and I was able to accomplish lots of things – as in we’re way ahead of the wedding timeline I have downloaded online.
Below are the things that need to be accomplished by every couple 11 to 12 months before their wedding date. But looking at the wedding timeline and lists we were able to accomplish, we were able to finish tasks that must be done at least 6 months before the wedding! Excited much, eh?

Some of the wedding flyers we collected
*Announced the engagement – immediately after the not-so formal proposal, we announced the engagement to my friends 😉
*Set a budget – Most crucial part of the planning stage. Good thing we were able to squeeze in our budget, and we’re proud that the budget we have set is actually larger than the expected cost of our total wedding expenses!
*Decided what type of wedding we wanted – I had lots of wedding type I wanted. But due to our limited means, intimate wedding would be the best! 

*Drafted the preliminary guest list – this wasn’t an easy task! We have to choose very carefully whom we should invite on our wedding day; most especially that we’re going to have an intimate wedding

*Read lots of bridal magazines to get ideas – bridal magazines are too expensive, and I spent nearly 2,000 for just a number of bridal magazines. Thank goodness to the Internet and Female Network 2012 Brides forum, as I was able to get thousands of ideas for every bride-to-be. FYI, I started reading these mags during the last quarter of 2010.

*Dress research (to be accomplished at least 11 months before the wedding) – man, I already have the designs printed out 13 months before the wedding. Ahah
*Set a wedding date (to be accomplished at least 11 months before the wedding) – this was finalized last December 2010. Our wedding date is significant between us, since May is my birth month and 26 is our ‘monthsary’. But it would be much sweeter if we get married on our anniversary, however, since our anniversary falls on a weekend, and on the month of September, we opted to choose May since we didn’t want to wait that long. More than 1 and a half year is too much for planning a wedding. Prices would gradually increase, and we want to get price-locks.
*Started ceremony and reception search – we didn’t have enough time doing ocular visits, since Mark & I are both busy. But given that I have lots of resources and spends most of the time in front of the computer, it was an advantage for me as I was able to research about the venue first, before visiting it. Actually, the only church we’ve visited was Don Bosco, Makati , where the wedding would take place) & City Garden Suites in Manila & Great Eastern Hotel in Makati Avenue. – And if we were given the chance to do ocular visits, for sure, the wedding date would be somewhere in Las Pinas or Alabang. Hehe. But there’s no backing out here!!!
*Created a wedding website  – our official WEDsite was officially loaded last December 07, 2010. Too early. LOL. Link:
*Determined our wedding color palette and theme – okay, since I’ve been a lover of Pink, it is a must that this shade must be incorporated on our wedding. I had a hard time choosing the palette, since I have lots of choices in mind. Colorful & girly. But I’m not the only one who’s getting married here, so ending, our palette is: Pale Pink + Peach + Champagne gold 😉
*Reserved a ceremony and reception site – last January, we were able to reserve our date in City Garden Suite; however since we decided to change the venue, we were able to finalize the ceremony and reception site in Makati. We reserved the church and hotel at the same time last March 12 2011. – such a major accomplishment!

*Selected the bridal entourage – this was an easy task because Mark and I already have the idea whom to choose.
*Started negotiating with – Photographer, videographer, emcee, bands and florists – this was a tedious task for me, because I have to be very patient waiting for their replies thru texts and e-mails. I had a hard time choosing the suppliers, because most of contacts I have seen online are quite impressing. But fortunately, I was able to book them already. This task took me 4 months actually – I started searching them since February. 😀
We still have lots of things to accomplish, but we’re pretty glad that we were able to accomplish the major tasks. 😉 We’re getting there!

The quest for my wedding dress – Part 2 ♥

Last Sunday, Mark and I went to Rosy’s bridal Center, in Redemptorist Baclaran. True to its tag, the owner and the manananahi are very accommodating — They kept us calling ‘apo’ and ‘anak’.

Our original plan was to go to GEH, so we can start our staggered payments. (Ang sakit kaya mag labas ng malaking pera on the wedding day itself), but due to heavy rain, Mark and I both decided to go to RBC instead and inquire about their wedding gown packages.

The owner handed me a book full of designs created by his son, Ogie Bamba. I was very amazed and I loved each gown he designed! (Now I’m already thinking to have 2 gowns for our wedding day); most especially that their rates are very 100% tempting! When I say tempting, I really mean, 100% affordable. But that’s not to declare that their gowns are cheap. Along with Ogie’s sketches, they also showed me the albums that their clients gave them as a remembrance and sign of gratitude for creating their gowns at its perfection. Frankly speaking, their work is really beautiful, to the extent that I already feel exaggerating this post as well as every time I share RBC to my friends.

This bridal shop is truly an answered pray to me, most especially that we’re having a tight budget wedding. And to top that, they also have actress/actor clients.  Some even say that most of their designs can stand up side by side with couture gowns that cost more than ten times.

B2B’s can opt to bring their own design (which I am going to do) and they will happily tailor it for you. They also have lots of bridal magazines where brides can choose designs; or Ogie can happily design a gown for you too. 🙂

 Here are the sample works of RBC (pictures from

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Contact Information for Rosy’s Bridal Center

Address: 1489 & 1491 Redemptorist Rd., Baclaran, Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone No: 8321616
Telefax: 8310929
Website :

Entourage Gowns Inspiration

Looking for a wedding gown is easier said than done, but I just found out that searching for entourage gown designs is more difficult– (for me) 
Most likely the reason behind this is because I know the design that I want for my wedding gown, but I am not so sure if the design I would pick for my bridesmaids would suit their taste, and the other way around. But since my ‘girls’ are going to shoulder the expenses for their dress, I am giving them the freedom to choose the design they want. So long they follow the rules I have set. IT MUST BE SOMETHING CONSERVATIVE. Not because I am conservative – but certainly because Don Bosco is way too strict when it comes to wedding attires. 
My MOH, together with some helpful friends are still looking for the entourage gowns that would suit our ‘Vintage Style’ theme. Vintage gown with a touch of pink can be very tricky; most especially that the designs we’ve seen online are almost the same. Long, backless, haltered. – We wanted something unique
Here are some of our wedding gown designs that we are trying to envision (Thank you ruffles) –but then of course colors would change according to our wedding motif 😉